4 Common problems with RO water purifier

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How to diagnosis problems of RO water purifier?

Some problems are mainly produce in RO water purifier such as:-

1) Bad taste of water:-

A long time our purifier system is not provide properly pure water. It is fail to kill the germs and remove impurities. And white particles are automatically producing into water purifier. Which cause our drinking water is milky, smelly and bad taste.

2) Noise problems in RO water purifier

When Ro water purifier is produce noise and vibration it is also sign of repair of ro water purifier. Air pressure is not working properly which causes it produces noise

3) Leakage of water

Leakage of water is produce by the problem of faucet. It may be cause of loose fitting of water purifier system’s part

4) Running problems

After some time our system is not working properly. This is produces running problem and produce the problem of water flow speed is slow.  

How to maintain you ro water purifier system?