4 Common problems with RO water purifier

Water purifier service Chandigarh Call 9779361208 ASM EnterprisesRo water purifier is a water purification technology which purifying supply water and provides good and pure drinking water and remove all types of impurities but after a some time without service it can creates problems and give impure water which is the cause of many diseases for that solution you are getting best services from aquafresh ro Chandigarh, aquafresh service Mohali, Water purifier service Panchkula, Water purifier service Zirakpur, aquafresh repair Chandigarh.

How to diagnosis problems of RO water purifier?

Some problems are mainly produce in RO water purifier such as:-

1) Bad taste of water:-

A long time our purifier system is not provide properly pure water. It is fail to kill the germs and remove impurities. And white particles are automatically producing into water purifier. Which cause our drinking water is milky, smelly and bad taste.

2) Noise problems in RO water purifier

When Ro water purifier is produce noise and vibration it is also sign of repair of ro water purifier. Air pressure is not working properly which causes it produces noise

3) Leakage of water

Leakage of water is produce by the problem of faucet. It may be cause of loose fitting of water purifier system’s part

4) Running problems

After some time our system is not working properly. This is produces running problem and produce the problem of water flow speed is slow.  

How to maintain you ro water purifier system?





Servicing of RO Water Purifier in Chandigarh

Services of RO water purifier is a necessary part for our good health.  Because a good purifier is giving you clean water. Long time use of water purifier is producing many problems. Then water purifier is properly not working. And it is also decreasing its performance. You are choosing best water purification services from ro purifier services. You are getting our services from aqua fresh ro Chandigarh, aqua fresh service Chandigarh, Water purifier service Chandigarh, aqua fresh repair Chandigarh, Kent service center Chandigarh, Kent ro customer care Chandigarh. A service of water purifier is maintaining its quality of water purifier and retains a customer for a long time.

Services of RO water purifier is contained multiple stages of maintaining water purifier :- Continue reading

Ambassadors for major RO brands

Livpure RO

Sachin  Tendulkar livpure brand ambassador


Kent RO Water purifier

Kent RO Water purifier

Madhuri Dixit Aquaguard ro brand ambassador

Nowadays all major brands are using huge chunks of their budget on marketing and water purifier brands are no exception. As you may know Kent is using Hema Malini to promote their brand, where as Aquaguard which is of Eureka Forbes Company is using Madhuri Dixit. Similarly Livpure which is of Lumnious group is using Sachin Tendulkar for brand promotions. A relatively new brand Blue Mount RO is using the actress Karishma Kapoor for their promotional activities. All these brands Deal in RO systems and water purifiers. Now some of them have also ventured into air purifiers category.






R.O. Membrane Care

membrane housing of reverse osmosis filter

Reverse osmosis membrane filter

Reverse Osmosis means the process of removing larger particles from drinking water.

The RO Membrane or simply membrane as we may call it is the most important filter for any reverse osmosis water purifier. When proper pressure of water is applied to the membrane it separates the impure water from the pure water. The membrane is generally in a housing which is made of plastic. It has 3 openings, one for input, one for pure and another for waste (impure) water. It is general misconception that only pure water is necessary for proper functioning of RO system but in reality, waste water is also necessary’s he waste water should also come in proper flow if the membrane is working fine,infact the waste water comes at a flow rate which is more than twice of pure water. To restrict this flow a Flow Resistor (FR) is placed after the waste water to minimize waste water. The RO membrane is a consumable item but generally has a long life if proper servicing is done every 3-4 months (quarterly service) by a qualified technician, the filters and membrane should be flushed at the time of service to ensure long life of the RO system.

There are many kinds of membranes available in market, according to GPD (Gallon per Day) for domestic systems membrane starts from 50 GPD to 100 GPD and come in many brands. Membrane is the main filter of the  RO system and is necessary to give proper TDS value(total dissolved solids),the TDS is the main reading for water testing and should be between  30 to 80.In case your membrane is not giving proper flow or the taste of your water is not proper, do get your RO and TDS system checked.

RO Membrane functioning